«Monocle Fund is now ranked best fund in the Quantalys Flexible Prudent Fund category.»

Jean-Paul Raymond, founding partner of Quantalys, Quantalys Inside - December 1, 2020








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Monocle Fund Part A

Etoile Quantalys
Notation Quantalys

June 04, 2020
YTD :+2.76%

Dear Investors,

As of June 4, Monocle (A share) is at +2.76% over 2021.

2020: +6.44%
2019: +6.09%
2018: +0.11%
2017: -1.25%
2016: +6.91%

Yesterday we closed our Translate Bio position (0.5% of the fund) - a biotech company specializing in the development of messenger RNA based drugs - which has gained 30% since our entry on May 12 and whose price is almost back to Sanofi’s entry price in the capital last summer. This last transaction earned us $190,000 and brought the total profit of the line to $1.5 million.

Otherwise, our positioning does not change: we remain cautious.

Kind regards,


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