• Le Billet de Monocle

    Tuto Valo

    Zoom, la débâcle. Cours de l’action il y a 2 ans : 427$. Cours de l’action aujourd’hui : 76$. Une chute de 82%.

    24 November 2022

Le Billet de Monocle

  • Le Billet de Monocle

    High Kick

    Last Thursday's move on the SP500 (+5.54%), to give an image, was like a guy the size of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar walking into the bar...

    17 November 2022

  • Le Billet de Monocle

    It is urgent to wait

    The burst of the bubble has begun. The airship in which we, investors, find ourselves, slowly loses altitude. To our great pleasure: the closer we are to the ground, the less brutal the fall.

    November 9, 2022

  • Le Billet de Monocle

    Only the Paranoids Survive

    META is an important position in our fund (5%). After its publication last week, the stock lost a quarter of its value.

    02 November 2022

  • Le Billet de Monocle

    We Look Closer – Le cas Orpéa

    Performance is built by making good deals as well as avoiding bad ones. You all know our motto "We look closer".

    27 October 2022

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