• Le billet of Monocle

    A new rabbit out of the hat?🐇

    A tanker truck. That's about the size of the wizard's hat of one of Europe's most important financial institutions: the ECB. In the category...

    21 June 2022

  • Le billet of Monocle

    It's the end of vacations 🌴

    Y Combinator (YC), the world's most prestigious start-up incubator (with Airbnb, Coinbase and Reddit on its roster), is raising the alarm with its...

    14 June 2022

Le billet of Monocle

  • Le billet of Monocle


    Last name : Dimon First name : Jamie Nickname : The Diamond Age : 66 years old Distinguishing feature : Always wears the same cufflinks Position : CEO of...

    07 June 2022

  • Le billet of Monocle

    New job for a new life? Hurry up...

    You could already see yourself there, with a latte in your right hand and a MacBook air in your left, ready to start your new job in this company...

    31 May 2022

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    Stop messing around

    It's good to be a CEO of a large company. A little too much, in our opinion. In 2021, the CEO of a publicly traded U.S. company is paid on average almost 15...

    23 May 2022

  • Le billet of Monocle

    We got Eloned

    Elon Musk, who used to be "our good friend Elon Musk", has done a 180 on Twitter: he doesn't know if he wants to buy anymore. The reason given was that...

    18 May 2022

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