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Summer checkpoint

21 July 2022

Dear investors, before the avalanche of quarterly results that we'll be talking about for a while, we're taking the opportunity to give you a checkpoint on the fund.As of 19 July 2022, Monocle (A share) is at +1,10% since 1 January.Heritage funds are at -9%* and the CAC40 at -13%. We have been preparing you for the storm for several months. Many indices had pushed us to play defensively with the aim of protecting your assets.

Source : Quantalys

We are now patiently waiting for the lights to turn green so that we can move on to the next phase: making sales. The market correction has brought out some initial opportunities. We have the cash to take them.Our corporate bond portfolio, which has been almost empty for several months, is starting to fill up (9% of the fund). As for equities, we are gradually increasing our exposure. The objective: a net and sustainable performance for the years to come.This transition is being made patiently. Because in our opinion, the worst is still ahead of us...Until then, be careful: it will be a hot summer.The Monocle team wishes you a great week.* Category Allocation Flexible Prudent Europe - Quantalys


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